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Twitter app for Android, update now to avoid a serious bug

There is no knowledge of attacks that exploit the vulnerability, but Twitter is not sure

In a post on Twitter Privacy Center dated December 20, Twitter warned users of have identified a vulnerability within the Twitter app for Android. An email was then sent to invite users themselves to update as soon as possible to the latest version to avoid a serious vulnerability that jeopardized security and the integrity of its users as well as the device itself.

Twitter stated how dangerous the threat was "Through a complicated process involving the insertion of a malicious code in limited storage areas of the Twitter app for Android, attackers could access non-public information". They include direct messages, protected tweets and location information. Even more worrying is the fact that a hacker could have also take control of your Twitter account and be able to send tweets and direct messages with the hacked profile.

twitter app for android

According to Twitter, the vulnerability limited to users of the Twitter app for Android. IOS app users are not affected by this vulnerability. This will be a relief for iOS users, particularly since a recent survey has ruled that Apple has been considered less reliable than Google when it comes to specific security issues.

Twitter confirmed that it had "recently fixed" the vulnerability and that there is no evidence to suggest that it was fortunately exploited. However, this does not mean that there was no possibility of action. In fact, Twitter also stated that, as regards the exploitation of vulnerabilities, "we cannot be completely sure".

Twitter acted in a timely manner to correct the flaw by immediately releasing the downloadable update as always for free from the Google Play Store for all compatible smartphones. The advice therefore is that ofperform lupdate immediatelyto get away from any possible nuisance.