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This app tidies up Android widgets

Snap an app for Android that creates a customizable widget roll that can be called from the top area of ??the screen

Tired of having a home screen overrun with widgets? With Snap possible group them all in one place, which keeps at hand the precious information they contain without messing up the initial page of Android: the notification curtain.

The developer of the app has recreated an alternative curtain, similar in everything to the original one of Android, which for this other purpose: once the active and configured software, you can recall its menu from the right, left area o middle of the upper side of the screen; by scrolling down from the remaining areas, the actual notifications continue to be displayed.

(Photo: fbarrosodev)(Photo: fbarrosodev)

To find the right widgets to insert in the app not always easy. A flood of different windows on the homescreen are not a good sight, and the same principle applies to the composition of Snap's pull-down menu. The result is intriguing and it is worth giving it a chance: the software in fact in its free basic version and allows you to use up to three elements; with Snap Prime, available as an in-app purchase a 2.26 euros, you can create widget rolls that never, or almost never end.


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