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The year of digital photo

The year of digital photo logomacitynet1200wide 1

2000 won't go into the archives just for being the year of the collapse of Apple's stocks and many of those of computer manufacturers. The year that is about to go will also be remembered as that of the first real explosion of digital photography. According to a Japanese investigation company, Nikkei Market Access (NMA), 10.8 million digital cameras were sold in 2000, slightly below the 11 million expected in August, but largely above, + 109.5%, last year. Much of the merit was the results of the last quarter of this year when 4 million cars were sold, making it one of the favorite gadgets of the Christmas gift season. 2001 should be almost as good, although growth will slow a bit'. According to NMA, the increase should exceed 71% and the number of machines sold will reach 18.5 million. The most popular products, due to the good price-performance compromise, will be the 2 Megapixels machines. Those from 3 Megapixels will continue to grow but the demands in terms of memory and their price will slow down their diffusion.The leading producers will be Olympus and Sony while behind them will continue to grow Fuji which already this year has reached 15% of the market .

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