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The return of MacOs X Server?

The return of MacOs X Server? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Will there be another operating system, reserved for servers in the future of Mac users? This is what the website dedicated to AppleInsider rumors believes, which in recent days has posted an article on what the authors of the article claim to be the progress for the implementation of a new version of MacOs X Server. According to AppleInsider, Cupertino would have already arrived the transformation of the current "professional" operating system, which in fact is a mix of OpenStep and MacOs 9, into an OS more consistent with the interface and functionality of MacOs X is well under way. According to the site, the "new" MacOs X Server, very similar to the last known version of MacOs X Client in terms of graphics and GUI, would contain a series of services for networks taken by AppleShare IP and charred. Many components would be well advanced enough to be almost ready for release, including AppleShare IP Network Assistant, Network Admin, and Macintosh Manager. According to AppleInsider, new features were also implemented; for example Network Admin would have the possibility of operating as a DHCP server and applications would be able to import accounts from the "classic" version of ASIP. These indiscretions that suggest a continuation of the "split" on two different lines of the operating system (one for consumer users and one for the server market) are in open contrast to what Steve Jobs said in San Francisco last year. At the official debut of the MacOs X interface, the CEO explicitly stated that Apple would not have had two Os , but only one, good both for those who use the computer at home and for those who use it to manage networks, even complex ones. The most accredited hypothesis therefore remains that of a few months ago advanced by sites very close to Cupertino according to which the operating system will be one. Those who need to manage networks will be able to purchase a "Network pack", a sort of ASIP that will be sold at the right price and will be fully supported by Apple without forcing the technicians and developers to follow two different OS. well read, the indiscretions of AppleInsider, probably the result of rumors that come from frequent visitors to HotLine sites, are not at all in contrast with this thesis. It would be enough to eliminate the assumption of those who believe that the charred "pieces" must necessarily be integrated into a different operating system and consider them part of an additional "pack", and everything would be perfectly coherent

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