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The iPhone's counterFAQ

1) Will iPhones in Europe / Italy have UMTS?It is likely yes. In the context of the announcement Steve Jobs said that versions of iPhones with different radio systems are possible and therefore UMTS or even HSDPA is not excluded if the chip supplier and the market requests or the operator to whom Apple will entrust will demand it. It seems unlikely that for the European market, which is much more demanding and with a wider offer and competition than the USA, a "top" model for usability is also not for performance and navigation speed. The previous one by Cingular or AT&T (as you prefer to call it ) which in fact requires a "only" EDGE telephone in the USA linked to the fact that the provider has actively participated in the creation of the device and therefore its needs must be met before any other.

2) Will iPhone be simlock in Italy or will it not be sold with an operator's label?Even this question has no answer at the moment and should not have it before next September, the period of the largest Apple event in Europe which could be the scene of an announcement concerning the old continent. In any case, as we well know, a simlock or SIM locked phone obviously cheaper but tied to the contract of an operator who takes the discount on the device by binding the user to a minimum monthly or annual fee. The fact that the radio section is only Edge does not affect any agreement with UMTS operators (such as 3) since in point 1 we saw that it is likely that in the autumn iPhone will have faster connectivity.

3) How much will iPhone cost in Italy with sim locked or without sim?Determining the price of the iPhone without a contract is already impossible in the USA as Cingular-AT & T have not explained in detail what type of subscription or service they will combine with the 4 GB iPhone (at 499 Dollars with contract) or 8 GB (599 Dollars with contract). All speculations on the price in Europe are therefore pure opinions without foundation: if you want to make a forecast based on the price comparison with iPod and Mac you can expect Apple to want to sell iPhone at a maximum price of 499 Euros and 599 Euros for the two models if combined with a contract. The prices are comparable to those that Vodafone requires for the treo 750 W or for a Blackberry with a combined contract (39 Euros per month).

4) What type of OS X does iPhone have on board?This question is already half-answered by the observations made both in the context of the presentation, and of the test carried out directly by Macitynet and by the articles of experts that have appeared in these days. On board the iPhone there should be a reduced version of (Mac) OS X which occupies from 200 to 400 MB of available memory and with the possibility of launching Widgets similar to those of Mac OS X. The reference version should be Leopard, also considering that the release times of both the new version of the Apple operating system and the iPhone are practically coincident. Hard to say if applications made for Mac OS X can run on iPhone OS X also because Apple has not announced any specific development kit or for any conversions.In fact, Apple, through the mouth of Steve Jobs has said that he wants absolute control of that that will be installed on the phone and all the software to be loaded will pass for a synchronization through iTunes. This does not mean that the iPhone applications will all be "made in Apple": third-party programs may be certified and / or licensed to be included in the package of authorized a p as is now the case for EA games to be loaded on iPod.

5) Will I be able to install Skype-like VOIP software?In light of the above, it is not impossible that thanks to a direct agreement, Apple will allow Skype to create a "stable" version of its program to be inserted on the iPhone. This type of agreement is expected to be accepted by telephone providers who, however, in fact leave the go-ahead on smartphone models with wi-fi and pocket phone technology. The launch of the iPhone could also be an opportunity for Apple to launch its own dedicated software, perhaps compatible with iChat or AIM. Here, however, not only the possibilities of iPhone software expansion but also the possible agreements with VOIP and messaging service providers.

6) How will I synchronize with PC applications? Jobs promised that iPhone will be usable in the same way by Mac and PC users with the ability to synchronize contacts, calendars, appointments etc. At the moment we can only assume that the methods are the same that are used on iTunes which becomes the real data exchange center with a unified interface for Mac and Windows platforms. The synchronization will obviously take place in both directions since, unlike the iPod digital player, the new iPhone has a "virtual" keyboard and may even have "physical" keyboards that can be connected via bluetooth.

7) Will I be able to read and write Office and PDF documents?In the presentation of the iPhone Apple has shown how the emails received and sent can be rich in multimedia content but to be useful for a business market and not be limited to the consumer sector iPhone will have to read (unfortunately) also archives of origin "Office": Apple could think of a reduced version of TextEdit or of a possible Spreadsheet capable of reading documents originating from the Microsoft suite. To read PDF documents, you can think of the presence of a software similar to the "Preview" of Mac OS X easily achievable by Cupertino is indispensable for accessing many contents on the web and documents to be transferred from any Mac application (including Office and Excel or PowerPoint) for reading only.

8) Can you attract the business market?The ability to read and even write Office documents could be very felt in the business environment as well as the availability of infrastructures and management services within the company such as those that have made Blackberry's fortune but difficult for Apple to point out could be interesting. immediately to this market both because fierce competition is more concerned with functional factors than with the wealth of multimedia capabilities and because it should better structure its agreements with service providers such as Yahoo worldwide. The premises are good but the business market requires products. with consolidated reliability and iPhone cannot be immediately in the game.

9) Will it work as a modem for your laptop?The answer to this question could make the difference for many computer users, especially if over the months the iPhone has gained a fast connection of the third generation or higher. The large screen of the device and the availability of Safari can make it operate as a good surrogate of the laptop but many operations are still perfectly executable only with an extended display, a comfortable keyboard and an impressive memory reserve. If it wants to attract advanced consumer users or professional users, iPhone has the "duty" to function as an external modem!

10) Will it work as a remote control for Apple applications?The presence of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and a screen with good resolution transforms the iPhone into a potential remote control not only for the Mac but also for new devices in the "home" environment that Cupertino has in store with and after the Apple TV release. Nothing prevents Apple from developing its own "Salling Clicker" that adds functionality to its device that would increase its interface capabilities. As already mentioned, all these are questions that are currently unanswered or that may have some of the conjectures that we have reported as an answer.

Follow our section dedicated to the iPhone in the coming weeks and find the effective answers as we discover the news that Apple will want to reveal.

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