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The best weather apps for Android

How many times have you happened to come down from your home or office with the sun and find yourself in the middle of a downpour or a storm? Instead of waiting for the news to get the weather information, you can use your faithful smartphone to get the weather forecast. Find out in this guide the best weather apps for Android which you can download to your device.

Weather app for Android

I will report the apps that, based on my experience, present the most accurate and truthful forecasts; don't stop at the first app you find, try them all to find out which one is best for your city or area.

Aeronautical Weather

The weather service apps offered by the Air Force are no longer available, but you can use the service directly from the official website. The information offered is also used to launch and land military aircraft, which must be based on the most accurate information possible. It offers the weather report, hourly information for up to 3 days for all Italian cities, including warnings on the most dangerous weather events. If you are looking for accurate weather information, Aeronautical Weather the best weather service.

You can check the Aeronautical Weather service for free from the following link.

LINK | Aeronautical Weather

weather app for Android

AccuWeather the weather app for Android with the best balance between graphic impact and accuracy of weather information. With AccuWeather you can get weather information from any Italian and foreign location, with hourly information, so you can know with good precision when it will begin to rain or clear. It also offers handy widgets to add to your screen to monitor the weather conditions at any time.

You can download AccuWeather for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | AccuWeather

3B Weather
weather app for Android

Another weather app for Android to try absolutely 3B Meteo, which shows in a decidedly pleasant app to see and consult quite precise weather information, especially if we live in big cities. 3B Meteo the app that I recommend even if you are often traveling abroad: hardly wrong forecasts for travel in tourist cities!

You can download 3B Meteo for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | 3B Weather

Yahoo Weather
weather app for Android

Yahoo Weather without a shadow of a doubt best weather app for Android graphically. Spectacular effects based on the weather conditions of the current location, allows you to get images of the city where you are. Regarding the weather, it offers quite accurate information for a good number of Italian cities. Try it if you love well-kept apps from a graphic point of view.

You can download Yahoo Weather for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Yahoo Weather

Other weather apps for Android

Have you not found the weather app for Android that suits your needs? You can try one of the following free alternatives.

If, on the other hand, you want to watch the news on your smartphone and get information on the weather and at the same time get information on the latest news, I recommend you read the guide on the apps to watch TG live on mobile.