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Targus SoundUP, sound booster for iPod

Often the interest in a product lies in the amount of functions it can offer: the more it offers, the more interesting the product; so we tend to leave out the acoustic aspect. In the case of the SoundUP High Definition Sound Enhancer it cannot be said that Targus overshadowed the sound.

The square-shaped accessory, gray and black, of small dimensions: 7.62cm x 3.81cm x 2.22cm for a weight of 42 grams. A single button dominates the surface. Its function is similar to that of a filter-amplifier: it connects through the 3.5mm socket receiving the audio output signal. At this point the SoundUP takes care of separating and processing the digital sound flow, reproducing a "three-dimensional" signal. In addition, on the Targus there is already a headphone splitter, which allows two users to listen simultaneously without the need to divide the audio signal and the volume controls.

Beyond doubts about the fictitious three-dimensional effect, the characteristics of the SoundUp are also suitable for uses that go beyond simple implementations for the purpose of improving sound. It can be used in environments where a particular volume balance is needed, in spaces that require sound amplification, such as in the car, or it can also be useful for users with hearing difficulties.

The SoundUp can be used with iPod, Mac, PC, mp3 players and with all devices equipped with a 3.5mm connector.

The retail price of 39.99 dollars. For information on where to buy Targus products, we recommend consulting the company's Italian website.

targus sound up targus soundup