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Spotify arrives in Italy, listen to free high definition music in …

Long last Spotify also available in Italy! For those who still do not know it, we are talking about a platform that in practice allows you to listen to music online (streaming) with the possibility of choosing the songs present in a truly vast catalog.spotify-logo "width =" 550 "height =" 344 "srcset =" 550w, https: // www. 300w "sizes =" (max-width: 550px) 100vw, 550px "/> We have already talked about other portals that allow you to listen to music streaming (for example Grooveshark), but Spotify has some features that deserve to be mentioned.</p>
<p><strong>Spotify</strong> provides <strong>millions of songs</strong>, from the hits of the moment to the old hit songs. Three account modes are available, one for free and two for a fee, let's see what the differences are:<span id=

  • Spotify Freeallows to listen to the songs completely for free from your computer, the only "inconvenience" the presence of advertising banners in the navigation and audio advertising portal while listening between the end of one song and the beginning of another.
  • Spotify Unlimitedallows you to listen to all music tracks on your computer without advertising and limits by paying the sum of 4.99 per month.
  • Spotify Premiumallows you to listen to songs also on mobile devices at the price of 9.99 monthly, also allows you to listen to offline songs, up to a maximum of 3333 songs on no more than three devices and every 30 days you must use the online mode to check the validity of the account.

Perhaps the main feature of Spotify is the availability, unlike other platforms, of high quality music files (with bitrate higher than 128kbps).

More features, many common to most platforms that allow you to listen to streaming music, are:

  • search for songs by name of the song, artist or album;
  • browse the libraries of friends, artists and celebrities;
  • creation of playlist customized;
  • mode Radio, to listen to the songs continuously and based on your tastes;
  • synchronize i local music files (supported files: MP3, MP4, M4A and M4R);
  • synchronization of fmusic files on the iPod;
  • use App Additional;
  • sharing information of albums, songs, playlists, etc. with Facebook.

Further information and answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the Spotify official FAQ page.

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<h3>How to use Spotify</h3>
<p>To use <strong>Spotify</strong> you must first create an account, you can create a <strong>Spotify account or</strong> access through a <strong>Facebook account</strong>, all you need to do go to the official Spotify page to create the account and select the type of account you want to use.</p>
<p>After creating the account, you need to download and install the Spotify program (the downloadable file to install by going to the official Spotify download page).</p>
<p>Once installed, start the program <strong>Spotify</strong>, log in with the account data that you previously registered and <strong>enjoy your favorite songs!</strong></p>