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Soundolier Duo, "illuminated" audio for Mac and iPod

Not everyone appreciates the design of the speakers and audio speakers, so much so that some prefer perhaps to place them in more hidden, barely visible corners. Soundolier engineers may have the same tastes, judging their latest product: the Duo speakers. The Duo are not simple speakers, but are integrated into an original design lamp. So it will be possible to spread music and light at the same time in the environment.

The Duo can be purchased both as single and pair audio lamps for stereo diffusion. They can be used separately, connected to an iPod, (or other audio devices), or integrated into a home theater system. The controls are on the base and are operated with the foot.

The Maestro is available separately, a wireless transmitter to which you can connect your iPod or Mac: Maestro will send the signal wirelessly to the Duo, allowing wireless audio diffusion. The transmitter is also compatible with other devices equipped with audio line-out.

An original product, which will not fail to tickle lovers of the mixture of technology and design as long as this adapts to your personal tastes.

We are not aware of the size and technical specifications of the Soundolier product. The retail price for each individual lamp of 279.95 Dollars; for the Maestro transmitter the price of 79.95 Euro.

For further information, please consult the manufacturer's website.

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