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Smartphone starter kit: which apps to install on your new phone

Did you get your first smartphone for Christmas and don't know where to start? These are the apps you can't (and can't anymore) do without

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Ok, this year you have been very good and Santa Claus has brought you a new smartphone. What to do per se, as well as new, it is also about first smartphone? That you lips (or that you wash) given, there are a number of essential applications for anyone who is a beginner. So indispensable to be present on all platforms, so you don't have to worry about the operating system since they run indifferently on iOS, Android, Windows Phone (and in many cases also BlackBerry).

So indispensable as to be practically assimilated to the use of the vehicle itself. Even if you don't use it social and cloud, photo editing and chats, maps and emails (which fortunately you find already incorporated properly) well, more than a smartphone you just needed the dear old cell phone. Here then is all you need to know in addition to the always valid calls.

CLOUDYou will soon realize that having a smartphone like having a pocket computer rather than a simple phone. This means, just like on PC, having to manage a certain amount of files. Unlike the PC for the memory you have available (and often also the bandwidth capacity) limited. Better then to entrust your documents to apps such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or Google Drive. The first is the most versatile in terms of compatibility (it literally works on every platform, including BlackBerry and Kindle Fire) and file size (there is no size limit, even if the 2GB of starting space is limited); the second designed especially for business / IT users with particular attention to privacy (thanks to the possibility of activating display options only for certain people, with password-protected folders or with a time limit); the third conveniently sorts the files by type and integrates perfectly with Office (therefore ideal especially for Windows users); the fourth is the most capacious (with 15 GB starting) and the best for managing image files (including Google Photos, to better manage albums and collections). So you keep the material you need safe on the cloud and you can easily edit, retrieve or share it wherever you are. Without the need for cables, sticks and memory cards.

CHATInstant messaging is something you will quickly get used to and never get away from. Goodbye SMS, you can now send texts of any length and even attach photographs, videos or voice notes with very few touches of a fingertip. WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat or SnapChat (if you prefer to leave no traces) will help you communicate with anyone. Just having their phone number in the phone book, then the apps will take care of automatically inserting people in the menu. You can also create conversation groups, to talk about sports, work or to organize the weekend. Make good use of it, otherwise the risk of being overwhelmed with notifications.

SOCIALFacebookThe most popular social network in the world is also in the telephone display. To stay up to date on the vicissitudes of your friends and communicate with your contacts around the world. Once the private messages section was integrated into the app, but if you didn't have a smartphone you can't remember it. Now, to get down to the staff and avoid prematurely revealing the world of the imminent birth of a child or that long-awaited change of job, you have to rely on Messenger. However, the interface is the same, so just install them both, the user experience remains consistent and you will hardly notice that you are using two different apps.

TwitterFan of aphorisms or sharp jokes? Always ready to find out the latest news first of all? Twitter for you: a world of things to say and listen with only 140 characters available. Unlike Facebook, there is no need to ask / accept friendship. Here you follow whoever you want, from Hollywood VIPs to your next door neighbor, it is important to have the gift of synthesis. And a bit of organization: divide the inputs into thematic lists, so that your timeline doesn't get crowded enough to make it almost unfeasible.

InstagramIf it is true that we are the society of images, the social of images par excellence could not be missing. In addition to a series of filters to modify the shots, Instagram offers a roundup of photographs arranged in a mosaic that build and reconstruct experiences and meetings, exotic journeys and ordinary days. An illustrated diary of the life of a person or animal, of a company or of an activity, of a community or of an object.

VIRUSIf the phone becomes a positive PC, it also does a negative one, with the risks of viruses related to navigation and installation of risky applications. The names are the ones you have already learned about fixed devices (BitDefender, Kaspersky, Avira, McAfee etc.). To always be sure not to miss an extra tap, you can also rely on dedicated products such as Lookout. Useful not only to protect the phone and back up data, but also to locate it in case of loss by issuing an audible signal from the alarm.

READINGWith the diagonals of the screens getting bigger and bigger it is sometimes not easy to distinguish a smartphone from a tablet or an e-book reader. You will soon want to read articles, books, documents and stories on the tram, in the park or in the dentist's waiting room without even noticing the pile of magazines on the table. With Flipboard you can group and aggrerate news in an absolutely personalized way, creating a bespoke magazine, with Medium and Tumblr you can write, compose and share with ease while with Pocket you can save the contents that interest you to read them at another time even in the absence of a connection . Finally, if you have problems interpreting pieces in foreign languages ??unknown to you, you can always rely on an instant translator such as Google Translate or the Microsoft equivalent.

PHOTOPhoto editing will no longer have secrets with Aviary Photo Editor, Pixlr-o-matic or Hipstamatic, all capable of allowing quick and effective editing. Insert vintage filters, adjust brightness, contrast, blurring and saturation to give a professional aura even to shots taken in a hurry.

UTILITYDocuments, spreadsheets and PDFs will always be a tap away with the individual programs of the Office package or with WPS Office, which brings them all together in one app, and consumption is always under control with the applications of the telephone operators. Wind, Vodafone and TIM (but also Tiscali, 3 and Fastweb) all have an app to monitor jig, minutes and utility bills. So you avoid bad surprises later this month.


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