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Rogers makes official: we will sell iPhones in Canada

Rogers makes official: we will sell iPhones in Canada logomacitynet1200wide 1

Rogers Wireless, Canada's leading mobile phone provider, has confirmed that it will be Apple's exclusive partner for the sale of iPhones in the North American country.

The information, although not new given that several sources just after the Macworld had indicated in Rogers on their own the reference operator for the iPhone, to be underlined because it was made official by the company's top management.

Apple's choice was semi-mandatory as Rogers the only GSM operator in Canada. In addition to this, its network is the most extensive and homogeneous on the Canadian territory. Finally Rogers already has significant experience in the field of smart phones having the largest Blackberry user base.

The launch of services with iPhone not specified. for likely that the presentation of the phone in Canada takes place not far from the American launch and before the European launch which, as known, according to several sources set for October.

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