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Restore and reset iPhone or iPad to firmware version without …

Lately we often hear about iOS 7 and the new features. Most of the users who wanted to keep the ability to do the Jailbreak per hasn't updated yet.

cydia ios6

Often to sell an old device (either iPhone that iPad) we need restore it from scratch e delete all its contents simply because of the need to switch users. At this point the dilemma: restore iOSand delete the contents, request the update to the latest version available (for an Apple policy)! With this tutorial, let's see how to remedy this "problem" and restore a device Apple with iOS 6 such as new, keeping Cydia and the jailbreak and without updating it to iOS 7.

Before you start, do a backup to iCloud or iTunes (whatever you prefer) to avoid losing all in case something goes wrong. Carry out the operations described below at your own risk. The procedure has been successfully tested with several iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) Cydia (remember that this guide obviously only makes sense for jailbroken devices) and click on Sources (Sources). Add the Repository following:

restore without losing jailbreak 1

restore iphone ipad without losing jailbreak

restore ios with jailbreak

In this repo, you will find various tools developed in order to restore and maintain the jailbreak. One of these with a graphical interface, immediate and simple to use: iLEX Restore. Install the program iLEX Restore (free) and you will have a new icon with the app ready for use.

restore iphone jailbreak

Start the program iLEX Restore (the name RESTORE) and you will have an interface with two buttons: Restore 1 is Restore 2. If you want to delete all contents, restore to the current firmware (for example 6.1.2) and configure iPhone or iPad as new, click on ?Restore 2".

restore ios6 jailbreak

Start the procedure which will take some time (even several minutes, be patient). At the end, we will have our device as out of the box with the possibility of restoring the backup from iCloud or configure it as new. Next to the classic app icons of Apple, we will also find Cydia 🙂