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RCA control and license plate of a vehicle

Have you just had an accident with your vehicle but do you suspect that the other driver is uninsured or worse is carrying a vehicle reported as stolen? Don't panic and keep cool. Even before getting out of your vehicle you can make a RCA controland the license plate of a vehicle.Not only that, you can also make a license plate control, insurance, stamp emolte other useful information and choose in advance the best move to follow.

In this guide I will show you first the free apps to do the license plate check for freeon both Android and iPhone devices. Finally I will point out some sites to keep handy to carry out another license plate controlor insurance verification as soon as you get home in front of the PC.

RCA control and license plate of a vehicle

App for Android devices

To check the license plate of a stolen or uninsured vehicle, you can use some Android apps that can retrieve (public) information on any license plate.

Perform the RCA check and if the vehicle is stolen quickly I recommend trying the app Infotarga, downloadable at the following link.

DOWNLOAD | InfotargaRCA control 1

Just enter the license plate by hand (or use the voice commands to dictate it verbally and press the magnifying glass button to check the license plate. With this app you can control mopeds and motorcycles in addition to cars.

If instead you need to check if an insured vehicle you can use the app Check RCA Italy, available for free at the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Check RCA ItalyCheck the license plate of a vehicle 2

The app allows you to choose the type of vehicle (car, motorbike and moped) and offers an extra welcome for those who are afraid of buying a stolen car: you can also check the chassis number. With this app you will immediately know if the vehicle is insured or not and if there are criminal complaints in progress for the license plate or for the chassis number you have set.

If, on the other hand, you want to check everything about a car (including if it has regularly checked and in good standing with the car stamp) you can use the appVehicle Scanner, downloadable at the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Vehicle Scanner

Check the license plate of a vehicle 3

This app allows you to enter both the license plate number and the chassis number for even more effective control, and offers (in addition to information on any reports of theft and expired insurance) immediate feedback on the review and any expired stamp . Vehicle Scanner the best app to check your license plate on an Android device, it is better to install it and always have it at hand especially if you are often traveling on the roads or you have to buy a new vehicle but you don't trust the seller.

App for iOS devices

Also on iOS there is no shortage of apps to check the license plate and get all the necessary information.

For a quick and quick check you can useLicense Plate Control, available for free at the following link.

DOWNLOAD |License Plate ControlCheck the license plate of a vehicle 4

You can insert the plate to check the insurance or active complaints for a motor vehicle, a motor vehicle, a trailer, an operating machine (such as the municipal garbage truck), an agricultural machine (tractors), a vehicle of the Diplomatic Corps, a vehicles of the Consular Corps and a vehicle assigned to foreign hikers.

If you are looking for even more information, you can use the appiPatente, available at the following link.

DOWNLOAD |iPatenteCheck the license plate of a vehicle 5

With this app you can control every aspect of your motorist life:

  • The points that remain on your driver's license
  • how much and when you have to pay the car tax
  • The vehicles registered to you, the pending reports and the expiry date of the review

Obviously, it also allows you to check the plates of others to find out if they are in compliance with the RCA insurance and if they have no pending complaints. iPatente without a doubt the best app to check license plates on iOS devices.

Websites for license plate control of a vehicle

But where do the apps get all the information shown without compromising privacy? The information is available through the web portals The Motorist portal (managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport) e Sevim.

You can access the driver's portal from PC from the following link.

LINK | The Motorist portalCheck the license plate of a vehicle 6

The free service can be used by anyone without any limitation and without having to register on the portal.

If you want to use the services offered by Sevim, just click on the following link.

LINK | SevimCheck the license plate of a vehicle 7

Despite the more spartan style of the interface, you can check the license plate of any vehicle in transit in Italy, even vehicles registered abroad.

As you can see, the possibilities are many to do the RCA check, stamp duty and other information that interest motorists. You can also read these other guides that deepen the topic:

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