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PowerBook made in China

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Your next PowerBook or iBook may have a sticker that says Made In China. The decision to migrate the assembly of Apple laptops (but not only) to the most populous country in the world was made by Quanta, a Taiwanese company that among the largest in the world in the sector of assembly of laptops. Quanta, which manufactures computers as well as for Apple also for Dell and Gateway, he made it known yesterday that he will build new factories in China and that from next year the assembly will be carried out in these new plants. The move is implemented to reduce the prices of finished products and offer new glimpses to a market, that of laptops, which until a few weeks ago seemed to grow exponentially and which instead is now undergoing the reverses of luck that also knows the desktop sector . Quanta has recently received approval from the Taiwanese government to invest around 50 billion in a factory that will be built in Shanghai. Quanta is just one of many laptop manufacturers who are thinking or have already decided to migrate to China. First International Computer and Inventec have already announced similar decisions. A Chinese worker costs about $ 650 a month less than a Taiwanese colleague and China offers interesting incentives to those who want to build plants on its territory. The benefits for consumers of this change should be consequential and progressively become more evident. Taiwan builds about 50% of the world's portable computers, currently the only obstacle to further migration of manufacturing facilities into Taiwanese law which explicitly prohibits the construction of laptops assembling factories in China by local companies . But the law contested by the very powerful lobby of hi-tech companies that have obtained permission in the past to invest in the construction of motherboards and monitors and now also ask for a derogation for laptops. Transiently Quanta and other similar companies set up companies in the Cayman Islands which in turn take care of building the plants in China.

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