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Pixelmator: the best photo editor for iPad

The iPad has become a work tool thanks to the great computing power of the new iPad Proe thanks to the ever-growing number of professional apps on the App Store. Even during Apple's Keynote held a couple of years ago, a little surprise was introduced Pixelmator, excellent photo editing app, which has been very successful for its graphic qualities but also thanks to its counterpart for Mac, offering itself as a valid alternative to Photoshop. Without any emphasis, but Pixelmator can be called thebest photo editor for iPad.

Pixelmator: best photo editor for iPad

Pixelmator for iPad manages to take full advantage of the iPad touch screen, making it the best photo editor for iPad capable of working perfectly with our fingers without making us regret the dear old mouse. Starting the application we find an interface similar to that of Pages for iPad: in the home of Pixelmator we find all our jobs, which will automatically synchronize with the Mac photo editor for iPad 1At the top left we find the button to start a new job, creating a new worksheet from scratch or uploading a photo from the camera roll, iCloud Drive or from all the services connected to the Document Picker. The creation of a new document offers us the possibility to create photo collages with simplicity, giving us the possibility to choose from a vast library of photo editor for iPad 2The work area may seem sparse, but in reality the commands available are manifold. To access them you need to interact with the top bar of Pixelmator. By selecting the brush icon, we can choose how to edit the photo: for example, we can choose to use brushes or rubbers or repair a portion of the photo, or delete elements in the photo. This is done automatically and the only thing to do is to select what to delete from the photo.

The app will take care of the rest, trying to align the portion of the deleted photo with the background. As for the brushes, you can choose them from a vast amount of elements, obtaining different effects that vary from pastel to pencil up to pastel. For each of them it is possible to select the type of section to be photo editor for iPad 3 You can also add effects to photos. To do this, you can proceed in two ways: directly through the app from our work page or through the iOS photo library, thanks to the extensions introduced by Apple in the latest version of iOS. The latter possibility directly modifies the photo in question, automatically saving it in the photo roll by replacing the original. Obviously there is the possibility of being able to add geometric shapes or text.

There is also the management of the levels that offer very useful settings, such as the possibility of choosing opacity, shadows and much more. For each option, a window will open in which we can choose the intensity and set some parameters of the selected photo editor for iPad 4If you need to draw on your photos or create drawings from scratch and you find it inconvenient to use your finger, Pixelmator offers the possibility of using high precision Bluetooth nibs, which allow you to manage the different pressure of the touch (useful while using the pencil or brush tool) and offer greater precision than that offered by your finger or a capacitive nib.

The possibilities it offers Pixelmator for iPad they are many, and if you need to work with mobile photos, surely the best choice, because it really is the best photo editor for iPad. Pixelmator has been redesigned for iOS 8 and iPad. Designed to take advantage of the features and technology of iOS 8 and later and to take advantage of the power of 64-bit architecture, ARC, Grand Central Dispatch, OpenGL ES, Core Image and Core Animation. Pixelmator for iPad collaborate easily with people who use Adobe Photoshop and can be downloaded from the App Store for the price of 5.49.