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On sale Gear4 BlueEye: BT mobile phone and iPod in symbiosis

On sale Gear4 BlueEye: BT mobile phone and iPod in symbiosis logomacitynet1200wide 1

Gear4 has been selling BluEye for about a month, a system that connects the iPod with Bluetooth-equipped mobile phones: initially available only on the English manufacturer's online store, it can now be ordered directly from the Italian AppleStore (sponsor).

The device, of which we have already spoken also from Macitynet, a very valuable tool for those who want to listen to the iPod without losing the ability to answer the phone using only one device. BluEye allows you to control some phone functions directly from iPod, dial the last number, answer calls, allow you to see the caller's numbers on the music player display and much more. BluEye also can tune in radio stations. Also interesting is the fact that the firmware is upgradeable; in this way there is no risk that a change in standards or hardware will make us run the risk of finding ourselves with an unusable product.

Here is a summary of BluEye's capabilities: – Make and receive calls on your iPod – Plug & Play with mobile phones with Bluetooth technology – Caller ID display on the iPod display – Pause and resume playback of the music automatically upon arrival of a call – Dialing of the last 9 numbers directly from the iPod – Voice calls if paired with Bluetooth supported mobile phones – 15 presets and Fm Radio with automatic scan – Can be used with any type of headset – No batteries required – Bluetooth 2.0

– It is compatible with: iPod Video, iPod with color display, iPod mini, iPod nano 1G and 2G

The purchase of the accessory is possible directly from this page in the white or black versions for 79.95 euros.

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