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Nvidia buys 3dfx

Nvidia buys 3dfx | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The news broke out like a bomb in the night upsetting the face of the world of graphics acceleration cards: Nvidia purchased 3dfx.The announcement, arrived with a joint press release, puts an end to months of speculation on the subject during which the comparison on the market between two of the three major players in the sector, he had overwhelmed the simple commercial competition and also touched other aspects such as the legal ones. On the one hand the Voodoo manufacturers, still today the number one in the post-sale card sector, accused Nvidia of illegally usurping some patents, on the other the same Nvidia, which has been the undisputed leader for a few weeks regarding the number of chips invoiced and the OEM sector, they responded with another lawsuit. In the middle there was the conquest of the primacy and for 3dfx, in a serious financial situation, even the survival itself. Many observers, also cited by Macity, had assumed that Nvidia, whose finances are among the most prosperous in the IT world, could attempt a hostile climb on the title of 3dfx, to the lows of the last few years and effectively close any dispute. There was no need. Envy yesterday concluded an agreement for the acquisition of the entire assets of 3dfx, including the brand and warehouses. The value of the transition of 70 million dollars plus one million ordinary shares of the same Nvidia. At the moment it is not clear what will happen to the 3dfx products. According to some sources, Nvidia could also keep them alive, in particular it could continue to produce chips under the Voodoo brand and release cards. Today Nvidia does not directly produce acceleration cards but simply sells its chips to third parties.The crisis for 3dfx, which with its Voodoo had revolutionized the world of 3D acceleration during the second half of the 90s, which began with the growth of Nvidia, which was followed, however, by many wrong moves. The most significant was the delay with which the Voodoo 5 cards were released which gave Nvidia's GeForce free range. According to CEO Alexander Leupp, this situation has caused serious financial problems that have prevented management from obtaining cash to meet the current demand. Hence the decision to close their business, both 3dfx and Nvidia have or are about to have relationships with Apple. 3dfx tried to enter the Mac world with their Voodoo 5, but the success achieved was not equal to expectations, above all, according to the company, due to the lack of support from Apple itself which refused to supply the Voodoo in build to order on the Apple Store. Nvidia is preparing to sell chips in Cupertino; iMacs will probably have GeForce MX and laptops GeForce2Go.

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