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Nokia 6.1 Plus Battery Test: A long-lasting rechargeable battery

The Nokia 6.1 Plus was launched for the price of Rs. 15.999 and s, the Nokia X6 renamed to the global market. The phone equipped with a Snapdragon 636, 4 GB of RAM and, among all other features, equipped with a 3,060 mAh battery. That number, on paper, definitely not a big deal (even for the price range), so we tested the battery of the Nokia 6.1 Plus to see how long it lasts in different types of workloads and what can be expected of it if you choose to purchase this latest offer for Nokia smartphones.

Charging test

I started with the refill test because the Nokia 6.1 Plus features a fast charging stand for its 3,060 mAh battery and that's something I want on every single phone out there, regardless of the price.

In any case, connecting the Nokia 6.1 Plus to the charger does not immediately start charging quickly; in fact, it takes about 20 seconds for the phone to start charging quickly. This is not a problem, actually, more than an observation I made because for those odd 20 seconds I was wondering if there was something wrong with the unit we received.

The phone charges fairly quickly, although, considering that a smaller 3,060 mAh battery, it was predictable. Starting from 10% of the battery at 9:02 in the morning, the phone took 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach 100% juicing . Although not at all close to the highest speeds I've ever seen a phone on (OnePlus and Huawei are still ahead), 1 hour and 40 minutes is a pretty good charging speed, especially considering that the phone exceeds 50% in 30 minutes then, in an emergency, you can quickly reload it and get started.

Battery life

During the battery life test of the Nokia 6.1 Plus, I decided not to test it according to my normal phone usage scenario, but also a scenario with intensive games and a single comparative analysis on the phone just to see how the rates of the drums in drastically different situations.

Normal workload

When I say a normal workload, I mean perhaps a game of PUBG Mobile, some of browsing on Chrome, with intermittent browsing of Twitter, along with the usual WhatsApp messages and some calls scattered throughout the day.

With a use case like this, the Nokia 6.1 Plus's 3,060 mAh battery has proven to be more than enough. Starting with a 100% battery, the phone lasted me well over 36 hours with a 4 hour screen on time before it reached 15% and I reconnected it because my irrational fear of dead batteries was devouring me.

This honestly pretty good, and personally, if your use case like mine (medium-light use for the most part) you can expect the same type of battery life.

Intensive workload

Under intense workload, things are different according to forecasts. In this use case I have played a lot of PUBG Mobile, a lot of Asphalt 9, I launched AnTuTu on the phone once, and I did the usual browsing on WhatsApp and Twitter that I normally do. Obviously with heavy games like PUBG Mobile and Asphalt 9, the phone sold out fairly quickly. I have had a screen in 3 hours and 11 minutes before the phone reached 15% charge .

With a workload like this, the phone lasted me about 12 hours, which wasn't really unexpected. I'm sure my OnePlus 5 won't last much longer when used the same way, and I don't blame Nokia for that. Indeed, with intensive games is benchmark, 3 hours of screen time is definitely decent, if not impressive.

Nokia 6.1 Plus battery review: a pretty solid battery

All in all, the Nokia 6.1 Plus (Rs. 15,999) doesn't disappoint when it comes to battery life. I mean, sure, it's possible to get bigger 4,000 mAh batteries on phones like the Redmi Note 5 Pro that come at the same price, but the Nokia 6.1 Plus lasts pretty damn long, and it comes with a construction and design that I personally prefer.

The bottom line is that if your use case is similar to mine and you don't find yourself playing for hours on your smartphone, the Nokia 6.1 Plus will not disappoint you. However, if finish to play a lot on your phone, or (for some strange reason) a benchmark once a day (don't even do it), well, you'll have to bring a charger with you.

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