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New G4 or not in San Francisco?

New G4 or not in San Francisco? logomacitynet1200wide 1

As mentioned many times, making predictions really difficult, especially when it comes to Apple and new products, even more so when more or less authoritative sources give conflicting news. We try to make some considerations to understand what could happen in San Francisco in a couple of weeks.The lack of G4 processors faster than 500 Mhz largely responsible for all the choices made in Cupertino in the last few months, now Apple has scraped the bottom of the barrel in terms of updating and new products around the G4 / 450 and G4 / 500, must necessarily offer new machines with higher Clocks, even at the cost of announcing them and making them available only a month later, if not Apple may collapse well below where it is not already. Another consideration leads us to think in this direction: the iMacs and PowerBooks start to feel the need for an update too, if Apple does not announce better performing G4 machines it will find itself nailed where even with consumer machines and laptops , with further loss of credit and money. After all Motorola in 18 months will have done something, possible that even this time they are not able to give certain dates for faster versions of G4? Most likely San Francisco will be the stage that will finally see the most performing G4, moreover most of the rumors give indications about two important announcements in the hardware sector, counting the powerbooks renewed almost with certainty, there is still space for new G4s. on the powerbook front, however, the presentation of a PowerBook G4 could be much more unlikely, Apple will have available the IBM G3 processors with nominal performance certainly higher than 500 Mhz, vice versa we have no certainty about the low consumption G4 that should be mounted on the new powerbooks, why should Apple make the same mistake as desktop machines and also fit on laptops with processors that could be delayed in development? In addition, the advantages of a G4 on a portable machine would be relative, a PowerBook is hardly taken as the machine of choice for those who really exploit the potential of the G4, conversely, a low energy consumption of the new IBM G3 processors could be a quality that is not at all despicable in a new laptop, being able to guarantee very high autonomies even with a single battery, even more so if new batteries will be used in the next PowerBooks. From our point of view it would be reasonable to expect new G4 machines with clocks higher than 500 Mhz, with increases of even 40% of the nominal speed, and secondly we expect G3 laptops with clock speeds similar to the new G4 machines.

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