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Microsoft Security Essentials 4, new version of the free antivirus

Microsoft Security Essentials 4 the new version of thefree antivirus from Microsoft, now available in final version to all the public who use the Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems both in 32bit and 64bit versions.

Microsoft Security Essentials 4

There Microsoft, making his own antivirus available for free, he tries to increase the security of its users who often find themselves using computers not protected by antivirus and for this very often they find their computer infected with viruses or other malware (especially due to some lightness on the part of the user when browsing the internet).

Microsoft Security Essentials 4, as well as previous versions, allows you to keep one real-time protection of your computer so you can immediately detect any computer infections scan (fast or thorough) hard disks and removable storage media (pendrives, removable hard disks, etc.) to detect virus and malware infections. This is accompanied by the possibility of schedule scans and of to check the presence of viruses also in the compressed files.

In Microsoft Security Essentials 4 we find the following improvements:

  • improved protection through automatic actions in case of detection of malware, any detected malware infections will be automatically eliminated without user interaction;
  • performance improved;
  • user interface (IU) simplified, to facilitate the use of the program by the user;
  • renewed and improved protection system to detect and eliminate viruses and malware more effectively with better use of system resources.

Microsoft Security Essentials 4 - screen shot