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Messenger reaches 800 million users per month

More integrated services, utilities that go beyond messaging: after the results achieved, the app aims high

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By flagging 800 million monthly users and the second most popular iOS app (first, mind you, Facebook), David Marcusdesigned the future of Messenger. In a long post, Facebook's VP Messaging Products took stock of the results achieved in the last year, then launched into forecasts that start from the product and reach media sociology.

In addition to the numbers, he explains, Messenger presented ?for the first time the possibility of sending and receiving money among friends directly from conversations","added useful information at the top of the conversations so as to always be present with who you are talking to if the interlocutor is not a friend on Facebook, and with Messenger Request, reached a fundamental step allowing you to find and talk to anyone". And then again Photo Magic, M, the digital virtual assistant, and integration with Uber.

According to Marcus, old communication styles are disappearing and Messenger ready to pick up the baton. An operation that could prove more difficult than expected: according to one hundred years of the Pew Research Center, teenagers still use SMS a lot. And although the messaging platform is now completely separate from Facebook, social media does not enjoy excellent health among the youngest.

Perhaps for, Messenger himself to look at another type of audience: "Let's think about how we can help users interact with businesses and services to buy items (and then buy even more), order rides, buy airline tickets, and talk to customer service in a truly direct and pleasant way?, Writes Marcus.

The products, he explains, must serve to solve people's real problems, without forgetting to offer them the most suitable space to communicate in the way they prefer.


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