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Jobs, the loser of the year

Jobs, the loser of the year logomacitynet1200wide 1

Steve Jobs is one of the losers of the great "game", which for many is anything but Wall Street. To appoint Apple CEO among the defeated CBS MarketWatch in his year-end ranking. "When Jobs is good, he really does very well, but when things go really bad for him, "says the site. The fault of the CEO of Apple? Essentially one: not having foreseen that the Cube at the prices at which it was proposed was the wrong product sold and the wrong time. "Jobs found himself at the helm of a disastrous end of the year when the forecasts on PC sales – says MarketWatch – are have been cut and the stock prices of Dell, Microsoft and Compaq literally devastated "Among the losers other well-known faces of the so-called" I "Economy: Jeff Bezos, unable to profit Amazon, and Michael Armstrong, of AT&T who failed to launch on AT&T Wireless market. Among the winners we point out Steve Case, who is rubbing his hands for the purchase of Time Warner, and Larry Ellison, the only CEO who can boast of a positive December. Judgment suspended, however, on Bill Gates. He may have been the number one loser for Judge Jackson's ruling, but the climb to Bush's presidential seat now offers him a great chance.

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