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iTunes also appreciated by sound professionals?

In addition to listeners, iTunes also begins to please musicians and producers. Ry Cooder, a solo artist but also a producer, known for his long research on folk music between Texas and Mexico and his collaborations with the Rolling Stones and the Buena Vista Social Club, falls into the latter two categories.

During the processing of his disc My name is buddy it seems that Cooder was not satisfied with the final result, without the feeling he was looking for. The moment he recorded the disc for trial using iTunes, the result seemed different, much more convincing and appreciable.

It was later discovered that the sound obtained was caused by the "sound enhancer" option available on iTunes. By burning the CD with the option enabled, Cooder found the optimal result to such an extent that he decided to affect the same effect obtained with iTunes also in the final master, without adding anything else.

Cooder is not the first to have noticed the positive effects of iTunes on recordings: the producer David Friedman had already noticed improvements achievable thanks to Apple software.

A further demonstration of the quality of the program, now appreciated not only by consumer users, but also by professional musicians and producers who perhaps think of getting rid of four and four of the sound engineers?