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IPhone chip, Samsung reappears

The ballet on Apple's suppliers for iPhone continues, in particular as regards the main processor. Now let's go back to Samsung. To revive the hypothesis that the Asian manufacturer is the manufacturer of the most expensive and most interesting component of the Cupertino mobile phone, the site dedicated to AppleInsider rumors.

Citing anonymous sources but which are believed, at least according to what was stated in the article, of reliance, it would be Samsung to make the chip and not, as was said (and already denied immediately) Intel, n Marvell that last spring purchased the PXA processor business for pocket devices from Intel.

As known, the latter hypothesis, namely that the iPhone processor was a Pxa, which emerged at the end of last week in an interview by the CEO of Intel Italy with the financial newspaper Il Sole24Ore. Several sites, including ours, taking the source, decidedly authoritative, had taken up and deepened the news, assuming that the processors in question could be the new generation Bulverde Pxa.

A few days later, however, that information has now been deleted from the article that no longer contains any reference to Marvell or the iPhone. The reason why the financial newspaper has decided to remove references to the iPhone and Marvell's processor are not known, but it can be assumed that some order has been launched by Intel to protect Apple's secrecy or, perhaps more probably also seen the coincidence with the AppleInsider article that now points to Samsung, that the information was wrong.

Recall that Samsung from the first hours after the launch of the iPhone was considered by a specialized company such as FBR Research the most suspected for the construction of the phone chip.

The debate on non-goat wool, especially for investors and if we also want for end customers. The main chip, which deals with applications and multimedia, with memories by far the most expensive component of the phone as well as the one that most influences its performance and potential.