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iPhone beats iPod on the Internet

For at least a week, the iPhone has had greater attention than the iPod, at least on the Internet. This was witnessed by a research by Hitwise which measured the number of searches carried out on the network that aimed to find news on Cupertino's mobile phone.

According to the data and a graph provided in a blog by LeeAnn Prescott, during the week ended January 13, the number of searches containing the name "iPhone" approached 0.35% of the total of those carried out by American customers. The number, already huge in itself, as mentioned, exceeds that of research concerning iPod. But even in the following week, despite a drop, the iPhone still beat the iPod. The relevance of the phenomenon, which according to Prescott argues in favor of a bright commercial future for the mobile phone, becomes evident if we consider that the iPod is a real product, on the market now and that many users carry out searches for information on it, on its accessories and on the software dedicated to it, while the iPhone for now only little more than a prototype and a media phenomenon.

Note that the most sought after phrases were "iPhone price" and "iPhone cost", further evidence of the intentions of Internet surfers.

The volume of the research was such, Hitwise writes, to bring significant benefits to those sites that emerged from the search for the term "iPhone". Suffice it to say that Engadget, the fourth site for addressing, had an increase in its already remarkable market share of 29%, obtaining only 3.51% of the hits. Apple was, of course, the first destination for those looking for the term iPhone with 41.72% of the directives.