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iPhone 12, will it be like this? Flat edges like iPhone 4 in early mockups Rumor

THE rumor around the iPhone 12 they begin to take shape, even physical. UpAlibabain fact ifirst iPhone 12 mockups, and the Japanese portalMacotakarahe thought it might be interesting to give him a close look and compare them with the current Cupertino smartphones, to begin to get familiar with what could be the main aesthetic differences.

For some time the most credible rumors have reported that the next model of the iPhone should present a renewed design compared to the lines inaugurated by Apple with iPhone X, and then largely taken from later models, up to recent ones iPhone 11, 11 Pro is 11 Pro Max.

Already in September the sector expertMing Chi-Kuo had talked about a return to flat edges, with a form factor similar to that of iPhone 4.

Obviously, at the moment the most plausible hypothesis that the mockups in question are simply godsattempts to imagine the design of the next iPhones starting from the rumors launched byMing Chi-Kuo: so we are probably facing a typical case of rumor that "he bites his tail".

However, reliability ofKuo proven, and if his indiscretions prove to be well founded, theneven a simple mockupbased on his wordscould help us become familiar with the possible appearance of the iPhone 12without working only with imagination.

Without this premise, let's now analyze the design shown by the mockup. As said, the aspect that should characterize the next generation of the iPhonepresence of flat edges, a solution absent on the Appled smartphone from 2014, when Cupertino with iPhone 6 returned to the curved lines.

On the side appears what would seem a new type of Smart Connector: a distinctive feature of many mockups based on the rumors that circulate around devices still far from commercialization. It is therefore an element that in all probabilitywill not belong to the final product.

Whoever designed the mockup paid attention to the words ofKuo, as we said: but up to a certain point. Indeed the sameKuohad specified that thediagonal of the displayof the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro Maxshould be 6.7 inches, while what we see in the images ofMacotakarastands at only 6.5 inches. That is to say the size of the current iPhone 11 Pro Max, which in all probability is the matrix on which whoever produced the mockup is based.

We remind you that beyond aesthetics, the noise nebula surrounding iPhone 12 at the moment speaks of Apple ready to launch on the market next year wellfour new devices, Samsung Y-Octa OLED screens from 5.4 and 6.7 inch support to 5g.

Returning instead to the mockup, let us reiterate that everything must be taken with the pliers, and maybe the pliers should also be gripped with gloves, and in short all the necessary precautions are needed. However mockups, if based on reliable rumors,they can be more effective than photo renders to begin to familiarize yourself with the design of new devices. They are like 3d articles, in some ways, which summarize in a concrete, manipulable presence (as happens in the video that we report) the hypotheses most present in the rumors.

In this case,if iPhone 12 really were to be affected by the design change predicted byKuo, then beyond the details we could really find ourselves facing something like this.

Would you like the next iPhone to be like this?What then, more than a return to the past of iPhone4, it would seemunback to the present: now that a mockup makes the rumors concrete, easy to detect howsuch a solutionwould help Apple tostandardize the design of the products, with aiPhone profilethat would resultvery close to that of iPad Pro.