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iCube iRec, transfer videos directly from the source to the iPod

After the iRecord we talked about on these pages, here is the iRec, with a similar name but produced by another company, iCube.


The accessory also in this case allows you to record multimedia content from any audio / video device, and to transfer it directly to the iPod with video. White, small in size, the iRec has the shape of a simple dock base with connector on the upper side, in which to insert the iPod. iRec powered through the connection to the mains; this guarantees a continuous recharge for the Apple player.

The iCube product has a composite video connection and an S-Video connector, which allows interaction with most of the available audio / video devices: DVD Player, TV, video recorders, DVD Recorder, video cameras and any other system has the two types of video outputBaster press the 'Record' button to record: the recorded videos will be immediately transferred directly to the iPod, and it will also be possible to choose which video quality you want for recording. directly proportional to the space occupied on your iPod. Once iPod is connected to your PC, the recordings will be automatically stored on iTunes thanks to an accessory software that couples the player to the Apple program. Not currently reported a version of the same software for Mac.There is also the possibility of programming a timer, not for starting the recording but for stopping it in case you want to leave the house once started and avoid transferring on the digital player all the daily programming of a single channel!

The package includes an A / V cable, a dock adapter, a power adapter, a paper guide and a set up CD. The latter contains the iRec Manager program, useful for configuring the iRec and for managing the files recorded with the accessory on the PC.

The configuration of the iRec via PC requires the Windows 2000 operating system with Service pack 4 or XP, a USB port and at least 10 MB of available disk space.

The iRec compatible with iPod 5G and is sold at a price of about 180 Dollars.