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iCab 2.3: new version of the German browser

iCab 2.3: new version of the German browser logomacitynet1200wide 1

New pre-beta version for the "minimalist", popular and very solid German browser. Among the new features introduced in this release we highlight:

– The introduction of the "Prefetch" mode that allows you to load the links of the HTML pages in the background while iCab is busy (if this mode selected, iCab at the end of the loading of the current page, starts to load by itself, the rest of the references contained in the inside a page, making the display of the pages immediate, if you later select one of the links on the current page) .? The new version is more stable even with the public beta of Mac OS X? The program now works even if activated from UFS devices – In the plug-in settings it is now possible to specify the amount of RAM memory that iCab must assign to each plug-in – New filtering options have been introduced for JavaScript: it is possible, for example, to prevent JavaScript code from resizing or move existing windows.

Unfortunately, support for DHTML and CSS has not yet been implemented in any way, making the use of Netscape or Explorer still necessary for the correct display of many sites, including ours. (By Newton)

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