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How to upgrade an Android smartphone

Not everyone knows that there are some "tricks" that allow you to empower an Android smartphone in several ways. In this guide I will show you the most interesting ones, which could give an extra gear to your smartphone, especially if not brand new or with little memory.

5 simple tricks to empower an Android smartphone

If you want to get something more out of your Android smartphone, then you've come to the right place. Below I will show you how to enhance an Android smartphone by improving graphics, connection, general performance and data security. Here's how to do it.

Increase the performance of Android

It may seem obvious, but the Launcher radically affects the responsiveness and general performance of the Android operating system. If the smartphone may seem unresponsive, with screens of apps that take centuries to open, change Launcher and install a lighter one, it can greatly improve the system responsiveness and speed up Android to the maximum. Among the best that are in circulation we point out the following:empower an Android 1 smartphone

  • Nova Launcher Prime (light, practical but at the same time full of small but impressive details, such as the possibility of adding a colored dock as a background to your favorite apps)
  • Smart Launcher Pro 3 (one of a kind, with a very interesting and minimalist design)

Increase the fluids of the Android system

There is nothing worse than having a smartphone in your hands that does not seem fluid during use. Android, in fact, full of animations and sometimes these can seem to us not very fluid, negatively influencing our software experience. There is a trick that allows you to increase the speed of the animations.

  1. Let's get into Settings> System> Development Options or repeatedly press (8 times) the voice ?Build number"Present in the Settings mobile phone> Info. In this way we will have access to the hidden section ?Developer Options"
  2. Once we enter the men, we go toResize / Scale window animation and set the speed to 0.5x.

By doing this we will have the speed of the animations doubled and everything will seem more fluid and snappy, regardless of the performance of your device. An excellent solution if we don't want to give up the animations of the Android system.

Improve game graphics on Android

Graphics in mobile games have made great strides in recent years, managing to reach levels that until a few years ago were unthinkable on a smartphone. Despite this, there are still titles with mediocre graphic quality around and that cannot fully exploit the potential of their smartphone. Fortunately, for Android, there is a secret function that can improve the graphic quality of the games. It is a hidden option, called 4x MSAA, able to improve the quality of the games.To activate it, we will have to follow these simple steps:enhance an Android 2 smartphone

  1. We activate the Developer Options, inSettings> System> Development Options or by repeatedly pressing the Build number present in Settings mobile phone > Info
  2. Once we enter the menu, we go to the section Hardware Accelerated Rendering and then we activate the MSAA 4x function.

Once activated, we will notice that the overall graphic quality of Android games has improved. Watch out for, this option only works on games that use the OpenGL ES 2.0 API.

Increase the speed of internet browsing

As the definitive browser, the well-known Google Chrome is installed on Android. Not everyone knows that there is a hidden option that allows you to speed up the internet experience offered by the Google browser, thus gaining a few more seconds every time we search for content on the web. Here's how to do it:

  1. we typeChrome: // flagsin the Google Chrome search bar. In this way we will access a hidden Options screen.
  2. we look for the voiceFast closing of tabs / windows and select onSkills
  3. we restart the browser

This function allows Chrome to close windows not connected to java scripts active in the background, thus speeding up internet browsing. Seeing is believing.

Improve security on Android

Nowadays, we store any kind of personal information on smartphones; from photos to passwords of accounts such as PayPal and others. If some attacker were able to get their hands on our smartphone, they would have easily access to all our sensitive data.enhance an Android 3 smartphone

Fortunately, Android allows you to increase privacy on our smartphone by encrypting the entire memory. To activate it, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go toSettings> Securityand then onDevice encryption
  2. we follow the guided procedure, being careful to connect the smartphone to the charger during the procedure.

Once this option is activated, you will need to enter a specific password to be able to access sensitive data saved on our device. Once the smartphone is encrypted, all new data entered will be encrypted automatically. Unfortunately, this option is not present on all Android devices, but only on the "purer" versions of the software.

Activating these measures will greatly improve the general state of the phone, and you will realize that enhancing an Android smartphone is not difficult and will prove to be very useful in the experience of using the device.