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How to get root permissions without losing the warranty

Android smartphones offer endless customization possibilities, but not all options are accessible to users. To perform some more detailed operations you need to obtain root permissions and modify the operating system thoroughly, but the procedure makes you lose the guarantee. But here we will see how to getroot without losing the guarantee. The process is not complex, just follow the appropriate guides for each individual device. In this site you will surely find the one that's right for you. To know the advantages of root permissions, I invite you to read this guide:

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Many users, however, prefer not to try their hand at rooting their Android device for fear of losing the warranty. In fact, as long as root permissions are present on the device, the warranty will be invalidated and cannot be applied. Fortunately there is software that allows you to get root permissions without losing the warranty. Read on to find out what it is.

How to get root permissions without losing the guarantee with iRoot

If you also want to root your smartphone but don't want to risk losing the warranty, then this guide is right for you. There is, in fact, an application that allows you to obtain root permissions without losing the guarantee, in total safety and simplicity. This is the program called iRoot, which also allows the less experienced user to be able to root their device, without having to perform cumbersome procedures or search for compatible recoveries.

In this guide we will explain how to obtain root permissions through the iRoot application, with which we will enable root permissions using exploits (bugs or system vulnerabilities).

First of all let's make sure to download iRoot from the official website and install it on our computer. (don't worry about the Chinese writing and if the file is recognized as malicious, all normal).

In addition to the iRoot program, you will also need to install the drivers for your device on your PC. The easiest way to get them is to use the management software created by the phone manufacturer that we want to root.

Once we get everything, we proceed as follows.

  • If we have KNOX integrated on our phone, open itSettings> Security and disableReactivation lock.
  • We connect the device with USB debuggingactive (can be activated inDeveloper optionsin the settings; alternatively, if you don't find it, press 7 times on Build versionin the section Device info)
  • Once the device is connected to the computer, iRoot will search within its database and, once recognized, will show the name of the device and the button root by his side.
  • We press the buttonroot. The process will begin and after a few seconds the device will restart.

root permissions without losing the warranty

Well. At this point we will finally have obtained root permissions in total security. To check if everything went smoothly, we could install the Root Checker application to check that you have actually obtained the root permissions correctly.

Once the procedure for obtaining root permissions is completed without losing the warranty, every time we would like to install an app that requires root permissions, a warning will appear on the screen of our device asking us whether to obtain them or not. Everything is normal, because it is managed directly from an app inside the smartphone, installed with iRoot.

There are several methods for obtaining root permissions on an Android device, but this we have seen among the safest and simplest that a computer uses. There are also other methods that do not need a PC but a simple app to ?root? an Android phone, read this guide to find out more:

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