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How to download Windows 8.1 in ISO format or on pendrive

We talked about the release of Windows 8.1 and the possibility of downloading it for free as an update for those who already own Windows 8 through the Microsoft Store; however, this method only installs Windows 8.1 as a Windows 8 update.Download Windows 8.1 in ISO format to burn it and therefore have the possibility to install it later, however possible and in this article we will see how to do it.Windows 8.1 ISO downloadThe version of Windows 8.1 that you are going to download will depend on the operating system from which you download, if you use a 64bit operating system Windows 8.1 64bit will be downloaded, while downloading it from a 32bit operating system will download Windows 8.1 32bit; instead the choice between Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Pro will depend on the Product Key used to download it.

First you need one Valid product key Windows 8 / Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8.1 / Windows 8.1 Pro Download, without starting them, WindowsSetupBox.exe (Windows 8.1) directly from the Microsoft website: Download WindowsSetupBox.exe (Windows 8.1)

To download the Windows 8.1 ISO, if you have the Windows 8.1 product key, simply start WindowsSetupBox.exe directly, insert the product key and proceed from step 4; if you have a Windows 8 Product Key there is a "trick" to be able to use it to download Windows 8.1:

1) (Only if you use the Windows 8 product key)Start Windows8-Setup.exe, enter the Product Key Windows 8 in the appropriate field and click Come on:1-code-windows-8 "width =" 600 "height =" 468 "srcset =" 600w, 538w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 600px) 100vw , 600px "/></p>
<p><strong>2)</strong> <em>(Only if you use the Windows 8 product key)</em>When the download of Windows 8 starts (for security, wait for it to reach 1%) click on <strong>Suspend</strong> and close the window:<img class=

3) (Only if you use the Windows 8 product key)Start WindowsSetupBox.exe, the download window should reappear but this time it will result in Windows 8.1 download (if it reports an error, close and restart WindowsSetupBox.exe until the download phase resumes):3-windows-8.1-download "width =" 600 "height =" 470 "srcset =" 600w, 536w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 600px) 100vw , 600px "/></p>
<p><strong>4)</strong> When the program has finished downloading Windows 8.1, you will be asked to install Windows 8.1 and you will have three options: Install, Install creating an installation medium, Install later from the desktop. <strong>Install by creating installation media</strong> and click <strong>Come on</strong>:<img class=

5) The new screen will ask you whether to copy Windows 8.1 to a USB Flash drive (so you can install Windows 8.1 through a USB stick) or whether to save Windows 8.1 to an ISO file. To obtain the ISO image of Windows 8.1 ISO file, click Save and in the window that will open select the path and name with which to save the Windows 8.1 ISO image, then click on Save:5-choose-usb-support-or-iso "width =" 600 "height =" 470 "srcset =" -usb-o-iso.jpg 600w, 536w "data-lazy -sizes = "(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px" /></p>
<p><strong>6)</strong> The process of creating the Windows 8.1 ISO file will begin, once the procedure is complete you can close the program and burn the ISO file:<img class=