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How to download Android applications for free

Are the apps you want too expensive? You must also consider the idea that the app developer you are looking for must still earn something, otherwise it would fill the banner and invasive advertising program to have a minimum economic return. Instead of using "tricks" fordownload android apps for free you can rely on other safer methods to get the paid apps you want. Discover in this guide all the services that allow you to download Android applications for free, even paid ones.

Download Android apps for free

To download Android applications for free, you can rely on some apps that can report you in real time when a paid app is made free or is put at the cost of the balance (usually less than 1). In this way, get the app you want much simpler, without having to change your smartphone with LuckyPatcher or similar.


The best app to download Android applications for free without a shadow of a doubt AppSales, available for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |AppSalesdownload android apps for free

With AppSales you can find the best discounted apps, paid apps offered for a short period of time for free and, if you add apps to monitor, you will be notified by notification when in super-discount or even free! , tap on the button in the shape of three dashes located at the top left and select the menu Now for freein the left side sidebar. Do you want to keep an eye on the price of one or more apps? Go to the Watchlist section present as a menu at the top, tap on the +-shaped button located at the bottom right and search for your app to monitor. From the search results that will appear, choose the app to monitor and finally tap on the icon next to the name to add it to your "surveillance list". As soon as there are news AppSales will notify you with a notification.

App of the Day

A good alternative to AppSales to download Android applications for free App of the Day, freely downloadable from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |App of the Day (no longer available)download android apps for free

With the App of the day, you will always be notified when a paid app is offered free of charge, often forever (even if there have been cases in which the developer has given up on the offer, infuriating users). Very aesthetically cared for, it immediately offers a good overview of the apps with a strong discount on the purchase price: don't be surprised if you see 3 or 4 apps that cost even 99 cents! Lately the number of free apps available has been falling dramatically, but the app still remains a point of reference for those who want to download free Android applications.

Google Play Store

What if the same store from which you download the apps warns you when there are offers or free apps? You can enable notifications for promoted apps or attractive offers directly from the Google Play Store settings.

Open the Settings (scrolling left sidebar) and inside tap on the android apps for free

Below you will find the entry Offers and Promotions, activate it by tapping on the square (so as to make the check mark appear).download android apps for free

Once this item is activated, the Google Play Store will send you a notification on your Android smartphone as soon as there are active promotions (most of the time apps available for ridiculously small amounts, even 10 cents!). It won't be like downloading Android apps for free, but spending 10 cents is certainly better than spending 3 or 4 euros for the same app!

Do you want to launch Android apps on your PC? Find out how to do it by reading the following guide.

LINK | How to start Android apps on PC

From this list you will surely find the best free apps you were looking for, but eventually you can also check on Amazon if you find the apps you are looking for, because, if you are not aware of it, even the e-commerce giant allows you to download apps and games free. If you don't know how, read this guide:

LINK |How to download free apps and games on Android with Amazon Underground