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How to connect smartphone to TV: complete guide

Have you taken a lot of photos and videos with your smartphone and want to see them on TV? Do you have a full movie downloaded to your smartphone's memory but would you rather enjoy it on a 40-inch screen or more? I'll tell you right away that it's possible and in this guide I'll show youhow to connect smartphones to TV quickly and easily. I will present you both the methods that require the use of a cable (very inconvenient) and the methods with which you canconnect smartphone to wireless TV (Wireless).

In this guide he wants to propose the different methods not only for cast android screen on tvbut also the iOS screens, covering the different platforms. You will find both the method for connect Android device to TV that the method for connect iPhone and iPad to TV. Surely among these you will find the one that best suits your needs.

Connect smartphone to TV

Miracast (wireless, Android)

The simplest method to connect smartphones to TV is to take advantage of an integrated feature in many Smart TVs released in recent years: Miracast. To take advantage of this technology on your smartphone, just reach the menu itemSettings -> Display -> Cast Screen present on many devices that support Miracast; alternatively you may find the item in the Connections menu as Wireless screen. If your TV is already on and with Miracast configured, you will see the TV icon appear on which to click to transmit the screen.connect smartphone to TV

If your TV does not appear, make sure Miracast is active by checking its settings (below a menu image Miracast on LG TV).connect smartphone to TV

AirPlay (wireless, iPhone)

If you have an iPhone you will not have compatibility with Miracast, because (as Apple tradition) the smartphone with the bitten apple uses a proprietary protocol to connect smartphones to TV: AirPlay. This technology can be used by connecting a device capable of managing this protocol to your TV: Apple TV, one of the best TV boxes around. You can buy it from the following link.

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Use it simple: make sure the iPhone and Apple TV are connected to the same router (even if the Apple TV is connected via Ethernet cable), connect the Apple TV to your TV via HDMI, open any video / app streaming / player on your smartphone and use the AirPlay icon to stream HD content to your TV.connect smartphone to TV

Select the Apple TV and start streaming music, movies, videos and photos (depending on the app used).

Chromecast (wireless)

Chromecast in my opinion the best method to connect smartphones to TV, whatever the operating system used on the mobile device (compatible with both Android and Apple iOS). By connecting the Google dongle to one of the free HDMI ports behind the TV, you can transmit the full screen of your smartphone or the multimedia content present in the apps (both video and audio). If you want to try how too connect the phone to the TV without cables, you can buy a Chromecast from the following link.

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Once you have accessed and connected to your home WiFi network (the same used by your smartphone) you just need to look for the Google Cast symbol present in the compatible apps to connect smartphones to TV.connect smartphone to tvOr you can send the full screen of your smartphone using the app Google Home, freely downloadable at the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Google Home

To transmit the full screen, simply open the app, scroll the left side menu and tap on the item Cast screen / audio.

connect smartphone to tv

Google Cast (wireless)

You are among the lucky owners of one Android TV? Then you don't need Chromecast: the protocol used by the latter already integrated into your TV. Just search for Google Cast in the settings or check in the technical data sheet or manual of your television if there is "Google Cast" or "Chromecast built-in".

The steps to take advantage of it are identical to those seen for Chromecast, including using Google Home to cast the full screen.connect smartphone to tv

DLNA (wireless)

DLNA a multimedia sharing technology supported by practically any TV equipped with HDMI sockets. Take advantage of it is not easy, because it still requires the connection of the TV to the router (both via WiFi and via Ethernet cable). If you have already connected your TV to the router, you can easily use it DLNA to send multimedia content, using both the Cast button (the one for the Chromecast) and using specific apps for the DLNA protocol.

The best app to connect smartphones to TV with DLNA LocalCast, available for Android and iPhone.

DOWNLOAD LocalCast (Android)connect smartphone to tv

TV Box (wireless)

You are the owner of a TV Box Chinese? Many of these devices integrate the DLNA protocol to receive streaming content from smartphones. In this way, just connect the TV Box to the TV and use the Cast or LocalCast button to send videos, photos and music.

You can choose from the latest TV models from the following link.

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MHL (with cable)

If you want to use cables to connect smartphones to TV, you can use the MHL technology, which allows you to connect the USB port to the HDMI port via an adapter cable. MHL compatible with many Samsung devices, but the operation with other brands is not safe: this technology may not work on all smartphones, so I recommend you to use it only if you have a Samsung device.

The best MHL cable you can buy the following.

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Slimport (with cable)

If you have an LG smartphone you can use the Slimport technology, very similar to MHL. Again you will need an adapter cable to bring the signal from the USB port to the HDMI port on the television.

You can buy the best Slimport adapter at the following link.

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These are some methods that cover different needs for connecting a mobile device to the TV. If you want to further explore this topic, I recommend you also read this guide for Android devices:

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