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How to clear data on Android

Do you have to sell your smartphone but don't want someone to recover the data you have recently saved or deleted from internal memory? Have you lost your smartphone or been stolen? In these cases you are aware that you are at privacy risk, since the attacker could very well read your address book, the history of your browser or worse recover financial data! But don't worry, you can also act remotely without having the phone in your hands anymore. In this guide will show you how to wipe data on Android both using apps for permanent cancellation and using a tool made available by Google.

Erase data on Android

Preliminary operations

Before erasing data on Android I recommend you carry out the following steps, so as not to risk losing everything accidentally (unless they have stolen your smartphone). Don't skip any of them: saving a few minutes can mean losing the data you care about most!

The steps are:

  • Move media files to microSD: if your Android smartphone has a microSD slot, it's time to take advantage of it. Get a large microSD card and (via a file manager) transfer all important data.
  • Make a backup on your PC: even if you have moved the data to the microSD card, it is better to be cautious and move all the important data also to the hard disk of the PC. This is also the only procedure you can use if your smartphone does not have a microSD slot.
  • Save your address book on the SIM:even if there is a cloud, you can still copy the contacts to the SIM and remove it before deleting everything.
  • Synchronize WhatsApp with the cloud: if you care about WhatsApp chats and data, you can make a backup on Google Drive.
  • Charge your phone up to 100%: do not carry out operations with the phone discharged, you risk damaging it seriously. Keep your smartphone on full charge while you wipe data on Android.

Factory reset

The first method you can try to erase factory reset data on Android. On modern smartphones you will find the menu Backup and Restore in Settings, where you can perform the factory reset (the device will return as if it had just left the factory, without your data).erase data on AndroidThe entry may change depending on the manufacturer of your device, but usually available as a dedicated entry or as a sub-menu in Safety.

Using this mode you can erase your data, but recovery is still possible with advanced tools. How can you prevent the recovery of your deleted data? Read the next paragraph to find out.

Erase data on Android permanently

For erase data on Android and prevent any recovery you can act using an app dedicated to erasing every single memory cell of your device.

The app you can try to erase data on Android permanently Secure Wipe.erase data on AndroidYou can download it for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Secure Wipe

Open the app in question, activate the ticks present (where you see the writing sanitize) and tap with your finger on the voice Start Wiping.

The app will delete the "hidden tracks" that the deleted files leave behind in the internal memory, making recovery much more difficult. You can start this before the factory reset and after, so as to avoid any recovery attempt. If you are scrupulous you can activate the app 3-4 times, so as to make recovery extremely difficult.

NOTE: the app does not delete any "physical" data present in the internal memory, but only the traces of the files already deleted.

Erase data on Android remotely

If your phone has been stolen or lost on the street you can delete data on Android using the Google Device Management Android service.

LINK | Android Device Management

From Android 6.0 onwards this tracking system integrated in the system apps, so if your smartphone is modern enough you will not have to install any app. Open the page I have indicated above and locate your smartphone; if active you can delete the data easily using the voice Clear after selecting your device at the top (if you have multiple devices associated with your Google Account).erase data on AndroidWhatever it is doing, the phone will reboot remotely and all data will be erased without any possibility of recovery. Also read this guide if you want to clarify more ideas on this topic.