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How to call without network coverage on Android

It can happen to arrive in an area or in a particular point of the city where the LTE or 3G signal is so scarce that it cannot make or receive classic calls. If you are waiting for an important call, this is a big problem: the interlocutor will not be able to call you until you move or find a point with better network coverage. In this guide I will show you all the methods to call without network coverage on Android. If the mobile phone does not take in the house, how to do? Or if you have emergency calls only? If you continue reading you will find the answer to this problem.

Note: in these cases the calls are managed through the WiFi network, therefore you will still need to connect to a public hotspot or to a WiFi network to which you have access in order to use the proposed methods.

Call without network coverage


I could not start from the most used messaging app in the world! With WhatsApp you can make calls without network coverage, just be connected to a WiFi network and open the chat with the person to contact. Use the handset key to initiate a without network coverage

The only limitation is that the user must have WhatsApp installed on the smartphone, otherwise he will not be able to receive calls. This is a minor problem if you have to call a friend or relative technically "evolved" (WhatsApp omnipresent!) But if you have to call or receive calls from an employer, from an office or from a relative who is not familiar with technology, it could be a problem. For a complete guide I recommend reading how to call with WhatsApp Android.

You can download WhatsApp for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Whatsapp

Facebook Messenger

The first alternative to WhatsApp Facebook Messenger, which offers calls without network coverage as an additional feature. Given the widespread use of Facebook, Messenger is also becoming increasingly popular as a means of communicating and making calls.

To call, just select the user in the appropriate chat and use the handset without network coverage

Also in this case you will need to be connected to a WiFi network in order to call, and as already seen for WhatsApp, the interlocutor must have installed Messenger on his smartphone.

You can download Facebook Messenger for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Facebook Messenger


Another app that I recommend you try (certainly not inferior to the other recommended ones) Telegram, which recently offers free calls that can be made without network coverage. Operation completely similar to WhatsApp: the user we want to talk to must have Telegram installed on his device.

Once ascertained, it is enough to open a chat with the interlocutor, open the menu in the shape of three dots (top right) and tap on the item Who without network coverage

You can download Telegram for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Telegram

Viber Messenger

If you are looking for another app to call without network coverage, I recommend you try Viber. This app was one of the first to allow you to make calls using the WiFi connection. Although it is less used than those recommended so far, you can use it to make calls easily without spending a euro. In order to contact any person, you must first make sure that he has Viber installed on his smartphone, otherwise you will not be able to call.

You can initiate a call by clicking on the handset button in each without network coverage

You can download Viber for free using the following link.



Could not miss the "king" of calls and video calls! WhatsApp has become a reference point among young people and among those who use smartphones a lot, but Skype is still widely used in the professional sector to call without network coverage. So if you have contacts who don't use WhatsApp at work or in the office, you can be sure that you can contact them when you don't have a camp using Skype. Obviously the same rule already seen with the other apps applies: the interlocutor must have Skype installed and started (with access) to be able to receive calls.

Start a very simple call: choose the contact to open the chat and press the handset without network coverage

You can download Skype for free from the following link.