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How to block SMS on Android

Does your smartphone receive advertising messages via SMS every day? The most common phenomenon of what you think! SMS campaigns are still widely used by advertising circuits because they are direct, cheap and cannot be easily rejected as a phone call. If you too are tired of receiving advertising messages via SMS on your phone, find out in this guide methods to block SMS on Android.

It will signal you the safe, functional and above all free methods to block SMS on any Android device.

Block SMS on Android

Integrated lock app

The default app for sending and receiving SMS messages may already include a sort of block on unwanted numbers. Before installing any app you can try to open your Messages app and check if, in the settings, there is the possibility to block SMS from unknown numbers or by entering one of the numbers from which you have already received messages.

In my case the Xiaomi Messages app allows you to block SMS on Android) by holding your finger on the conversation with the message or unwanted messages; once selected the key will appear Block down.block SMS on Android

Obviously the procedure changes according to the device you are using; try to search in the settings of your smartphone or try to select messages with the long tap to check for the block or a message filtering function.

SMS Blocker

If you do not have any type of block integrated, you can use an external app to block SMS on Android. The first one I recommend you try SMS Blocker, freely downloadable at the following link.

DOWNLOAD | SMS Blockerblock SMS on Android

With this app you can not only block unwanted SMS manually but you can activate an automatic filter capable of block SMS on Android automatically. Have you just ended a love relationship? The app offers a "Block my Ex" mode that can divert all messages from ex numbers directly to the trash, so you don't have to worry anymore!

Should I answer? eQKSMS

Another method by which you can block SMS on Android use Should I answer?, in collaboration with a free messaging app. Should I Answer? you have certainly already read it if you follow us on the site; among the best apps to block unwanted calls on Android, as you can see in the guide below.

LINK |How to block call center calls on Android

The app also allows you to block SMS automatically, but in order to work you need to first install QKSMS, a free and open source messaging app. Download the latter app for free from the following link.


Once installed, all you have to do is open it and assign it as the default messaging app (the operating system will ask you there). Once configured as a messaging app you can install Should I reply? from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Should I answer?

Open the newly downloaded app and go to the tab blocking; section available below Block SMS and MMS from,where I advise you to activate all the items to get really effective protection.block SMS on Android

From now on, you will no longer receive annoying advertisements on your Android device!

Alternative apps to block SMS on Android

If the reported apps have not convinced you, you can use other apps to block SMS on Android. Also this app can be used for the purpose.