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How to add 5GB of space to Dropbox

Dropbox an online service that allows you to synchronize the data uploaded through Dropbox to various workstations, whether they are computers or mobile devices, in addition, the data will also be available on the Dropbox web space that each user has available.

The free space available can be increased inviting friends to sign up using your referral link, this way you can increase the space by an additional 8GBthat is, 250MB of space will be added for each friend you invite.

If you have an .edu email (or in any case an email that is recognized as belonging to a school or university) the space that will be given to you for each invited friend will be doubled, then 500MB will be added and you can get to 16GB of space In this way you can then get to 18GB of free space. You need to verify possession of the email by going to this page (not mandatory to use it for the account) and clicking on the verification link that will arrive on the .edu email.

Others 250MB are obtained by taking the "first steps" listed on this page: Get started.

You will get further 640MB of extra space by performing other steps listed on this page: Get extra space free!

Increase the space on Dropbox by 5GB using the beta version

Another method to add more space is to use the beta version recently created by the Dropbox team.

In fact, in this beta version the functionality of theimport of photos and videos from cameras and SD cards and from mobile phones and smartphones.

Just to better test this functionality, who will use this beta version and will use Dropbox for importing photos or videos from cameras, SD cards, etc., personal space on Dropbox will be further increased.The increase is obtained in this way:

  • increment of 500MB when you import the first photo and / or video,
  • increase of others 500MB every time you import 500MB of photos and / or videos up to an altitude of 4.5GB.

With this method it will therefore be possible to have up to 5GB of extra space.important to use the Dropbox import system to upload photos / videos, otherwise the space will not be increased.

To use the service, you need to install the program on all the devices on which you want to use Dropbox, as already mentioned, to obtain this increase, the version to use the beta version, available at these links based on the operating system you use: Dropbox for Windows Dropbox for Mac OS XDropbox for LinuxDropbox for AndroidDropbox for iOS

You I suggest hurrying you to make the increase because, probably, when this test period ends, the opportunity to have these additional 5GB will no longer be made available using the method described above.

To use the program you need register an account on Dropbox (free), so as to use the same account on the various devices, those who do not yet have an account can create one by going to this page: Create a free Dropbox account (the link with my referrals, upon registration you will get another 250MB of extra space).

If someone needs a lot more space available, thepro account that for for a fee.

Dropbox not only allows you to keep some data synchronized between various devices, but, with some precautions, allows you to further exploit the service to use it in other ways, one of these, for example, that of manage the download of torrent files remotely, if you are interested in the topic, follow this guide: Remote torrent download.