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Holland also against Apple's DRM

Holland also against Apple DRM logomacitynet1200wide 1

Life in Europe with iTunes is getting more difficult. After the problems in Norway, whose ombudsman seems to have formally decreed that Apple's restrictive DRMs harm consumer rights, after the initiatives taken in Sweden, Denmark and Finland and after the consumer associations of Germany and France have also gone to attack by Cupertino, now the Netherlands is on the way too.

The case of the Netherlands does not seem to follow a different path from that taken by the Nordic countries: the exposed to a government authority (in this case the antitrust commission) complaining about the excessive rigidity of FairPlay which would limit the freedom of choice of the players. Pending the response of the commission, Consumentenbond, this is the name of the consumer protection group, repeated the traditional "mantra" of opponents of the closed system adopted by Apple: "Whoever buys a CD is not limited to a disc player of the same brand. We want that to be the case with iTunes music too. "

Ewald van Kouwen has estimated that it will take a long time to get a response from the antitrust commission. In the meantime, the association will present complaints against anyone else who should adopt a scheme similar to that of Apple. The purpose seems to be a declaration of war against Microsoft which with its Zune, arriving in Europe within a few months, has created the same virtuous (or vicious, according to its opponents) circle that characterizes iPod and iTunes.

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