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Google copies iMessage: on Hangouts Messenger it will replace SMS

The messaging app developed by Google would be ready to say goodbye to integration with 160-character messages

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

Since its arrival in 2013, SMS support on Android has been one of the most appreciated features by users of the Google Hangouts messaging app, who have since been able to bring together all their conversations – those based on the cellular network and those online through Google services – under the hat of a single app.

Yet, according to rumors gathered by Phandroid, the software would be on the verge of abandon useful integration starting from one of its next iterations.

If the corridor rumors turned out to be well founded, it would still not be a lightning bolt. Last year the Mountain View house had added Messenger (not that Messenger, that of Menlo Park, but another Messenger, developed in Mountain View) to its package of internally produced apps, or a new entry dedicated exclusively to SMS messaging and MMS: difficult to think that the developers took the trouble to write a special software and then keep it as a duplicate of an app that already performs the same functions. According to rumors, Hangouts will begin to propose to its users the transition to Messenger for the management of these messages starting from the next version, currently being tested by Google employees.


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