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Farewell to NewerTechnology

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NewerTechnology has closed. For now, the news comes from a single source, the Macnn website which in the past has proven to be very close to the environments that gravitate around the Wichita company. According to Macnn NewerTech would have communicated in recent days to its employees the need for to end its commercial operations, a decision taken in all likelihood for the inability to recover from the terrible crisis that had afflicted it between 1999 and 2000. In February of this year, after having unsuccessfully attempted the path of differentiation of the products, NewerTech had declared to enter the controlled administration regime. The entry, in the form of majority shareholder of the largest creditor, the Taiwanese component company TRI-M, had given oxygen to the NewertTech coffers. A restructuring plan and the focus on some product areas that seemed particularly lucrative, such as the production of update cards for iMacs, seemed to have had some effect. Evidently, these were not decisive moves, given that now the company, closed for holidays, will not reopen its doors on 2 January. NewerTechnology is one of the longest-established companies in the Mac upgrading sector. Its products were known for assembly quality and performance. Since Jobs's arrival at Apple, however, the sector has suffered from severe blows. First the CEO released a difficult, if not impossible, product to update, then, but this has never been confirmed, he reached agreements with the manufacturers of PPC chips to prevent the release of more updated processors to third parties before Apple itself , as always taken care of. At the moment it is not clear whether the industrial structures of NewerTech will be taken over by any of the competitors, who will then also take care of the assistance, or if the closure will also mean the dispersion of the technological heritage of NewerTech

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