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Facebook, the posts can also be scrolled offline

The social network will load the news into memory in anticipation of moments of poor connectivity, to propose it to the user when he / she does not have access to the network

Facebook Stories

Facebook users will soon be able to consult their favorite social network even offline: Mark Zuckerberg's group is in fact working on its platform, and in particular on the structure of the news feed, to make the update roll on the main page of the social network also available in the absence of connectivity.

Facebook will exploit any connection moments with adequate cellular or Wi-Fi coverage to load even the parts of the news roll that have not yet been consulted. These they would remain in memory just in case, as long as the smartphone is without connectivity. In this way, users will be able to stay informed about the activities of their contacts even when the phone or tablet has no way of reaching the network. In the same way, the app will be able to record comments made to the posts and news in question and, once reconnected, make sure to deliver everything in the right place.


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