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Facebook, Instant Articles is available on Android

The service that offers articles without having to migrate to proprietary sites, arrives on the Android platform: today it involves 350 publishers worldwide


Instant Articles, that is, the articles of the major newspapers around the world available directly in the Facebook application, without the need to migrate to the proprietary sites, arrive on all Android phones.

Facebook carried out beta tests on Instant Articles for Andoid with a small number of users for a few weeks: for all iPhone users active from October.

The mechanism through which the platform offers the fruition of articles is not easy: the publishers have recently pointed out that the restrictions – now loosened – imposed by the social network on the volume of advertising reduced their ability to monetize, just as the graphics could have impoverished the strength of the brands (tested).

At present, over 350 editorials around the world have joined, and more than 100 are publishing Instant Articles. Facebook will work with partners globally and will continue to review the product based on the feedback received.


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