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Dropbox closes Carousel

The app liked, but not enough: the photos will return to their place in the cloud storage service


We were good, everything was beautiful, but we thought about it. This sounds a bit like the warning to Dropbox users about the Carousel application.The app, which offers the possibility to scroll through all the photos synchronized in your account not only sorted by date, but also by event, will stop existing in a few month. In the past year and a half, explains Dropbox, "we understood that most of our users prefer the convenience and simplicity of direct use of Dropbox to interact with their photos. Based on this, we had to make a difficult decision".

The decision is as follows: from March 31 Carousel will be closedas a standalone app and the photos will return to being displayed directly in Dropbox. For those who used it, do not worry: the photos in Carousel's history will remain safe in Dropbox, where they have always been stored. To save images received through shared conversations or albums, see the instructions in the Help Center.

After Carousel closes, you can still view and share your photos in the Photos tab on the web and in the Dropbox app for mobile devices. In the coming months, we will be integrating some of Carousel's main functions into the main Dropbox application. For more details, please visit our Help Center.


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