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DLO TransDock for iPod, the successor to TransPod

Already presented in a preview of our DLO products, we are now able to provide you with further details on the TransPod's successor car accessory.

The DLO TransDock connects to your car's 12-volt socket and allows the dissemination of all content loaded on the iPod through the system installed on your car. You will thus be able to connect the TransDock to any displays (from head restraints or positioned in other areas of the passenger compartment), to thus view the iPod videos.

Thanks to the antenna, now enhanced, the audio signal will be transmitted on an FM frequency on which you can tune in to listen to the audio track of your videos, or more simply for the music tracks. All while the iPod is always kept in charge.

There is also an integrated USB connector on the TransDock, which will allow you to connect other rechargeable devices to the system via USB. An auxiliary line-in concludes the connections, which allows the connection of other devices, mp3 players or even portable consoles. It is compatible with iPod nano 1G and 2G, iPod video, iPod mini and every iPod equipped with a dock connector.

The DLO accessory also has two different masks to better adapt it to the interior of your car; other masks can be purchased separately.

The TransDock is already available in pre-order at a price of 99.99 Dollars on the manufacturer's website.