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Disable paid SMS services and unsolicited subscriptions

Suddenly your phone credit dropped to zero for no apparent reason? Is your new refill finished "drained" in a few minutes without having even made a call? Perhaps you have activated a paid SMS service or a subscription on your line unconsciously; find out in this guide what activates these services e how to disable SMS paid services and unsolicited subscriptions.

Disable paid SMS services and unsolicited subscriptions

How do you activate these services?

It takes very little to end up in this advertising trap. Most of the time, it is enough to click (or tap) on an advertising banner while you are browsing quietly on a website; in other cases (far more serious) it is sufficient to open the web page to automatically activate unwanted services. You can rarely run into this type of trap even by clicking on a link in an email, opening a chat on WhatsApp or other messaging programs.

You realize that you are trapped when you receive an SMS similar to the one you see in the image below.Deactivate paid services 1These services are called "high rate services"And the subscriptions are really very expensive: even 5 per week, deducted directly from the phone credit. Unfortunately these services are legal in Italyeven if they use fraudulent methods to attract users.

Most of these subscriptions are related to logos, horoscopes, weather, ringtones, wallpapers, screensavers, games, chats and communities, services that hardly fall within your sphere of interest (and even if you like them, you already know that you can get almost all free on the web and not paying 5 per week).

How to disable premium services

Have you stumbled upon a premium service that is draining all your credit? Do not worry, just act now to remedy the wrong immediately.

First of all the operator can give you back the money spent if you manifest an unintentional activation of the service (not everyone does it, but you must always try this path when you speak with an operator). As soon as you get the money back you can deactivate paid SMS and unsolicited subscriptions by asking the operator to activate the "barring".

Contact your operator using one of the following numbers:

  • Tim: 119
  • Vodafone: 190
  • Wind: 155
  • Three: 133
  • Postemobile: 160

As soon as you are in contact with an operator, explicitly ask to activate the barring or alternatively block all premium services (just use these words). If the operator pretends not to understand, explicitly ask to disable the surcharge services. You will thus block all numbers in decade 4 (43, 44, 46, 47, 48, 49) plus numbers with 166 and 899 and associated SMS services.

From now on, after activating the procedure to deactivate paid services, you will be able to sleep peacefully: even if you run into a fraudulent Web page associated with these premium services, your line will be immune and you will not pay any more absurd figures. for unnecessary and expensive subscriptions.

Despite the barring receive SMS and advertising calls, often from a call center? In these cases you can act effectively by blocking all unwanted calls and messages with a simple free app. Find out how to do it in the following guide.

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