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Corel, Linux goodbye

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Corel allegedly finalized the disposal of its Linux sector in which it had gone wild no later than two years ago. This was announced by some rumors reported in the past few hours by ZDNet. The online site claims that over the weekend the New York company Linux Global Partners will sign a letter of intent that will be the prelude to the transition of 80% of the sector, once considered strategic by Corel.The amount of the contract is not revealed, but the figure could be around 5 million dollars. The Ottawa company would retain for itself 20% of the rights of the new company that would be born from the sale. The news contrasts with what was also stated on recent occasions by Corel whose CEO Derek Burney had said that it was not the intention of management to sell anything. "We will implement cuts only on non-strategic sectors – Burney said then – and the Linux sector is a strategic sector". But already then some of the observers had predicted that the exit from Corel of Cowpland, which had strongly wanted the turn towards the open source system, was the prelude to the sale of the Linux business. Subsequently other signals had come from the support offered by Microsoft to Corel in terms of liquidity, an injection of dollars that had allowed the continuation of the activity at a particularly critical moment but which, according to some, would have been possible only because the new CEO had manifested disinterest for Linux, operating system notoriously disliked by Redmond. If the news of the sale of the Open Source activity will be confirmed, Corel will return to focus on the graphic applications, a sector that also directly affects the Mac world. Recall that Corel a few months ago had bought most of the MetaCreations packages including Painter and Bryce.

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