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Cheaper LaCie disks

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The IT market is certainly strange, in these times when everyone announces profit warning, there are those who find themselves working better than before. This is the case of LaCie, a company well known for its storage solutions and excellent monitors. MacWorld UK today reports some statements from the company, according to which the Apple market has never been so flourishing for storage devices, to the point that new models of 40 and 60 Gb disks have been introduced to meet the different memory needs mass firewire market.The two models are positioned at 239 pounds the 40 Gb (about 760,000 lire) and 349 pounds the 60 Gb (1,100,000), while the 20 Gb is repositioned at 199 pounds (636,000), all net of VAT. The prices are in fact the same that are commonly practiced by us, except for the smaller disk which, on the other hand, is treated at lower prices.Only one note: the speed characteristics indicated by MacWorld may not be reliable, we reserve the right to verify them and comunicarvele.

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