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Bluetooth in Macs?

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San Francisco will not be the backdrop for Apple's launch of Bluetooth products, but by summer 2001 all machines will be able to work with this technology. This is the direction of Apple as reported by MacOS Rumors. The implementation of Bluetooth would be strategic for the use of wireless keyboards and mice, in addition to any peripherals that will use this technology, such as printers, graphics tablets and the like. It is difficult to say if there is any truth behind the reported rumors, it would certainly be strange to see Apple that adheres to a standard partially concurrent with its more powerful AirPort, especially if it is a standard that, to date, has not caught on at all and for which the availability of peripherals is currently zero. Furthermore, the summer of 2001 certainly very close to think of such a radical change, if only because both keyboards and mice are very recent, it seems unlikely that Apple will decide to replace them so soon as there is no real need, both adopting a second radio transmission standards that will work on the same machines, parallel to Airport, on the same working frequencies, only to manage mouse and keyboard.

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