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Best program to resize and reduce the resolution of one or …

You will surely have needed to resize one or more photos, to make the images lighter and faster to send, for example by email, since many email boxes support maximum 10 MB attachments.

Another problem may be having to reduce or increase the resolution of a photo as uploading photos to a site only accepts a specific pixel resolution.

resize image

The one I'm going to introduce you to a gods best programs to resize and reduce the resolution of one or more photos and also wanting to convert it into the following formats (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIFF), with a few clicks and in a really simple way even for the less experienced with the computer.

The software to resize the images PIXresizer:

Below you can see the interface of this program, which is presented in 2 selectable screens at the top left:

  1. Work with one file (which allows you to resize and shrink a single file)
  2. Work with multiple files (which allows you to work with multiple photos simultaneously)

Pixresizer tab

Let's go see first "Work with one file"With which as we have already said we can work with a single file. In the screen you will find the following items:

  1. Load picture, which allows you to select the image to upload and resize
  2. Select new size, which indicates various resolutions to which to resize the photo or alternatively a custom resolution via Custom Size
  3. Select file format, which allows us wanting either to save the photo in the same format or wanting to convert it to another of your choice among the present BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF
  4. Save picture, which gives us the possibility to save the photo with the changes made in the folder where we want, with the possibility to save it also in black and white.

In Image Infofinally find the information regarding the photo we are editing.

single pixresizer

Instead with regardsWork with multiple files, this screen allows us to work with multiple photos / files at the same time, which is very convenient when we have to go and make an entire photo album smaller:

  1. Select source and destination, in which indicate the folder containing the photos and the folder in which we want the resized images to be saved
  2. Select new size, which allows you to choose the width that all photos must have
  3. Select file format, which allows saving photos in the same format or in a different format then converting them
  4. Save Pictures, to save the resized images

Multi Pixresizer

Among the many existing programs, I chose this one, as I find it very intuitive, easy to use and immediate, just like any utility should be.

Leave us a comment and let us know how you found yourself or if you know a program that you think is better.