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Ballmer: "iPhone is the most expensive phone in the world"

Ballmer: "the iPhone the most expensive phone in the world" logomacitynet1200wide 1

The iPhone costs too much to be competitive on the market and therefore will not be successful. The first official words released by Microsoft are by Steve Ballmer and do not sound like a compliment to the Apple mobile phone.

The CEO of Redmond had the opportunity to talk about the iPhone during a CNBC broadcast, during which he was interviewed by Business News reporter Scott Wapner. "You introduced Zune and while your product was taking up some space, Apple brings out iPhone. What was your reaction "? asked the reporter.

?A $ 500 phone with a mandatory contract? – Ballmer said laughing – But the most expensive phone in the world … It cannot conquer the professional market because it does not have a keyboard which makes it unsuitable for sending email. But whether to sell well or not, we have our strategy. You can have a $ 99 MotoQ phone with which you can do everything: phone calls, e-mail, Internet browsing, instant messaging ".

The speech then slipped on Zune and competition with the iPod. ?In this sector – said Ballmer – Apple undoubtedly has the leadership, but we have some unique innovations such as wireless that allows building communities. The success of our formula is evidenced by the fact that we have arrived in a niche where Apple is very strong and we have taken 20% of the high-end market. We'll see how it goes in the end, but I think we have a plan to be competitive. "

To hear the part of the interview dedicated to iPhone and Zune as an iPod competitor, click on the image below.

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